What are the best daytime plantar fasciitis splints?

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that involves the swelling, irritation and weakening of plantar fascia. The pain occurring due to this condition is severe in nature and feels like stabbing. The routine life activities of the patient get disrupted due to this abnormality and hence it is crucial to address this condition as early as possible.

Role of daytime wraps in plantar fasciitis

The pronounced heel pain in plantar fasciitis restricts a person from performing his routine work. The affected person cannot even stand on his or her foot is a severe condition. Inflammation and tearing of fascia is the main reason behind pain. Since the fascia is shortened and damaged already, it cannot bear the stress of body weight.

What to do then? The solution is simple; just remove the excessive strain and mobility to prevent the further aggravation of pain. Support wraps are the best way to do it. Wrapping of foot allows only limited degree of movements. The support wraps are designed in such a way that they equally distribute the pressure on all over the foot surface and heel or damaged part is affected to minimum. The activities can be restored to some limit by using such support wraps.

Buying the correct support wraps

Choosing best product for you among a large number of available options is the main thing while treating your plantar fasciitis problem and restoring the low pressure activities in the daytime. Plantar fasciitis support wraps are made of different material with different density and price. You don’t need to just go for costly wraps while selecting the best for you. All you need is to know the basic things about daytime support wraps according to your need.

You must keep following points in mind while buying a support wrap for your foot.

Support wrap should be fitting your foot to the best. A tight wrap compressing your foot may result in other deformities so fitting is a crucial factor. It should support your heel and foot arches.

The support wrap must be a comforting and soft material. It should not irritate your skin. Elastic material is a plus.

Density and weight of wrap should be selected according to your foot condition. Meaning, the more you need a solid and rigid wrap or splint, well, then you should use them.

Wraps containing adjustable straps should be preferred. Because of this, you can tighten or move the wrap according to your need.

More info about support wraps

Support wraps don’t have any negative effects and can be used except a few conditions. Prolonged use can result in reduced blood supply and this is dependent upon the material and pressure of wrap being applied. In diabetes, skin is prone to get ulcers and wounds due to prolonged pressure and poor ventilation, therefore Diabetes is a condition in which support wraps are not recommended.

Recommended daytime support wraps

To make it even easier for you to have an optimum support, we are recommending some of the useful products with more benefits. These products have a good price range and better quality. Following are some products that can help you in relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis during daytime

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