Super Simple Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis

For anyone dealing with a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, especially after a lifetime without pain, is scary. The pain is intense, debilitating and can often scare newly diagnosed patients.

What is Plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is nothing but an inflammation found at the tissue that connects the heel and the mid foot bones. This inflammation or swelling occurs when the stress levied to the plantar fascia tissue exceeds a particular limit. The causes for such swelling can be listed as follows: sudden increase in weight, usage of worn-out shoes and unusual load of work. The symptoms are unbearable pain under the heel and the person will not be able to walk for a long distance.

This checklist of symptoms usually helps physicians confirm that the person is suffering from plantar fasciitis. These are also some of the most common foot pain diagnosis you will see as well.

The single best inflammation reliever without the need for medicines, shots or expensive techniques is simply ice and stretching. For ice, fill up a water bottle or pop bottle (20oz size) with water and freeze and then just run it under the foot. For stretching, we should discuss some more in-depth actions to prevent injury.

Stretches for plantar fasciitis

Here are some of the stretching exercises to cure a person suffering from plantar fasciitis. Before starting any exercise or stretching program, it is recommended that you contact your physician.

Push/Pull for Toes

Stretch or pull the toe with the help of hands, such that it stretches the plantar fascia muscle. Repeating it five times a day, ensures a health and strong foot. Be sure to rub the area before and after to start blood flow and then relax the area afterwards.

Arch Tennis Ball Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis

Tennis Ball Roll

Take a tennis ball and roll it with your feet. As you do, give pressure across the bottom of your foot while pressing onto the ball. This stretches the plantar fascia muscle and decreases the swelling simultaneously.

Standing Calf Stretch

Stand against a wall and place the hand flat on the wall. Place the leg which is to be stretched behind and bend the front leg. One should feel the stretch and not the pain in their muscle. This ensures a strong muscle for sure. This exercise is known as gastrocnemius stretch or most commonly known as calf stretch exercise.

Staircase Heel Raises

The next exercise can be done in a staircase. Stand in a step with the toe placed at the end of the step and the rest of the foot left off back the step. Gently, pull the heel downward, such that you feel a stretch in the muscle. Ensure that the stretch is gentle always and it shouldn’t relapse as pain at any cause. This makes the person relieved from his pain for sure.

Sitting Shin Flexing

One of the easiest exercises for reducing the pain is here. Sit in a chair and cross your leg. Gently pull the toe and make the plantar fascia muscle to stretch. Repeating this exercise 5 times a day reduces or drives away the pain permanently.

More on Exercises and Stretching

Apart from these stretching exercises, there are also exercises to strengthen the muscle. For example, take a towel and spread it wide under your feet. Try to pull it with your toe, such that it curls and it gives a stretch to your feet. These exercises make sure that the plantar fasciitis does not relapse back at any stage.

There are few exercises that make the pain worse, such as running or jogging. It is always better to take rest and reduce the work load at the time of pain. Stretches for plantar fasciitis does not require any expensive equipment and hence it is easy for any common man to follow it and get relieved from the pain easily. Only point to be remembered is that these exercises do not exceed the stress level, increasing the pain!

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