Simple, Yet Effective Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

Every injury has a treatment. For plantar fasciitis, the best thing that you can do is prevent the pain on the outside of the foot, inflammation and injuries with this diagnosis. Today, we will be looking at some plantar fasciitis exercises, including stretches, strengthening and support for related parts of the foot, ankle and legs.

Before discussing these particular exercises, let’s have a brief look on what plantar fasciitis is all about. It is nothing but an inflammation in “plantar fascia” – a tissue connecting the mid foot bones and the heel.

Plantar Fasciitis Examples and Definition

Tension tends to increase in this tissue and it finally leads to bulging and causes pain. The root cause for this can be sudden weight gained, wearing worn-out shoes and overload of work in day to day, etc. This can be overcome by following a few easy plantar fasciitis exercises. People will get relieved soon, depending on how regularly they follow the exercises; and don’t forget about the right kind of running shoes for women.

Stretches for your legs and feet

Stretching is one of the best remedies to reduce the pain caused due to plantar fasciitis. Combining stretching, with some strengthening exercises will yield a stronger architecture in your foot, while minimizing injury and down-time.

Standing Calf Stretching

Calf stretching is one of the effective exercises used. Stand against the wall and place the hand palms straight in the wall. Keep one leg front, toe facing the wall, palm fully placed in the ground. Keeping the back knee straight, bend the front knee till you feel the calf muscle tightening. Continuing the same for both the legs alternatively, will give better results.

Sitting Calf Stretching

This exercise is as easy as the first one. All that a person needs to do is to catch hold of the toe, till a stretch is experienced in the muscle. Continue to hold it for thirty seconds which assures the relaxation of the strained muscle.

Shin Flexxing

The third exercise is again not a difficult one to be followed. Just relax in a chair and cross your legs, ankles facing upwards. Pull the toe upward, such that your muscles are sure to face a stretching sensation. Hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat it at least thrice a day for better results.

Sitting Tennis Ball Roll

Exercises are followed not only to get rid of the pain, but also to strengthen the muscles in due course. One such exercise is to roll a tennis ball under your feet, by sitting in a chair. This solves 2 purposes simultaneously. It reduces the pain as well as strengthens the foot muscles.

Towel Strengthening

The next exercise uses a simple object; a towel. Your towel will be placed near the foot. Try to bunch the towel without stopping the curling action. This strengthens the plantar fascia tendon and supporting muscles, and keeps you free from muscle pain.

Stairway Calf Raises

Next exercise is easy and involves no expensive thing to do it. Stand in a staircase and hold the side walls for grip. Place your feet flat in the step, making the heels to get off the steps. Now just lower your heels. Do not bend your knee. Maintain the posture for 30 seconds.

One last word on preventative exercises

The above exercises are very easy to follow and do not require any expensive equipment. Though there are several other remedies such as steroid injections, shock-wave therapy and surgeries, it is always better to go for the natural remedy.

By following these above exercises, I’m hoping you find relief, as well as a preventative method of treating your flair-ups. If you want more information, please consult your physician or orthopedist today.

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